The tropical party from OLDCOM!


There are two more weeks before true summer comes, but the thoughts of a sought for vacation, beach and walks on the shore are taking over. If you want to start an early vacation season or prepare for the holidays, please consider these new OLDCOM models. The new TROPIC espadrilles are inspired by summer colors and are in stores now!

This style can be found in three colors: gray, olive and yellow. TROPIC will become your favorite footwear during summer because it has a light fabric that lets your skin breathe, a comfortable shoe base and bright colors.

Look for TROPIC espadrilles in every OLDCOM store and on the official site.

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Photo & Concept: Pavel Cojocaru
Style: Ruslana Babyi, Olga Botnaru
Model: Zina Cojocaru, Ulizana Orozova
Outfit: Benetton Moldova, Mallena, Aridon
Text: Doina Babcinschi 

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