About us

Joint Stock Company «OLDCOM» is a leader on Moldavian market on producing PVC footwear, EVA shoes and footwear with textile uppers and injected sole.

Our company established in 1994, and since then we are working on improving our products, just because we love what we do.


We started our business with a small manufactory with 2 machines and 12 employees. For 20 years, our team have been trying to develop our “second house” and now we have a big factory and a family which includes 150 employees.

The products in which we invest our love, our time and brain resources, are divided in three main categories:

I. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) footwear;

II. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) shoes;

III. Footwear with textile uppers and injected sole.

Our catchword is “Absolutely practical” and we are transposing this idea in all of our products. We are trying our best to make comfortable and safe shoes for our customers.

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